What age are you plays suitable for?

  • Our plays are intended for children 3 and up.

How long do your plays last?

  • All plays are an hour or under, including a brief intermission

Are seats assigned or is it general admission?

  • Our seats are general admission, however, we do have a designated seats for children.  If you feel confident that the child(ren) you are bringing to our show will be happy sitting separately from the adults, then you should purchase a “blue” seat for them.  If you are unsure or know that they would not like to sit separately, please purchase an “orange” seat for them.  All ticket prices are the same.

Do you charge for kids that sit on my lap?

  • Children under 1 who remain in the lap of their parent/guardian are of no charge.  We charge for children 1 and over, even if they sit in a lap the whole performance.

Is your space available for rentals?

  • Yes!  Just email info@ypt.org for information.

My child is very mature for their age, can they join a class even though they are younger than the age bracket?

  • Sorry, we can’t make age exceptions.

What is your refund policy?

If you still have a question, please email us at info@ypt.org and we will answer your question as best we can.  Thank you!