“I think it’s about our spirit and our health. It’s about how much we expose young people to arts education, to music and to poetry, to theatre and ballet. And this isn’t about people who want to go into the Arts, this is about what it does to people’s sense of confidence, to people’s sense of self esteem, to what they can learn about themselves.” -Kevin Spacey on the threat to cut arts funding


As you are well aware, Young Performers Theatre is an invaluable tool for kids. Our classes and plays give youth the opportunity to learn vital skills that will help them grow into empathetic, creative, cooperative, flexible and confident adults. It also instills a love and appreciation for all the arts, something that is key to the future of the arts in our country.


At Fort Mason we are able to be in a safe and convenient area, but the rent continues to rise yearly. Please help us keep your children safe, inspired and expressive by donating any amount to YPT/Anthony Manning Kunin Foundation. You can contribute by check or credit card. Every single penny counts. Thank you so much.




Matilda Kunin

Executive Director/Founder YPT

Private or corporate donations are always welcome at YPT, as they enable us maintain the quality of the services we provide. Any donation, large or small, helps the theatre reach as many children as possible. Our donors receive a receipt to submit with their taxes, and (unless they prefer to remain anonymous) a special mention in that month’s play program.  Donations should be made payable to the Anthony Manning Kunin Foundation, tax id number 94 2920761.

For more about YPT’s programs for needy youth, please visit our Outreach page.

If you are interested in donating to YPT, please call (415) 346-5550.
Or, if you prefer, simply mail your donation to:

Young Performers Theatre
Fort Mason Center
Building C, Room 300
San Francisco, CA 94123